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RESTAURANT - History  
Formerly, between the two wars, you entered into the Russian district by Daru street . The Great modern Pharmacy held by Russian emigrants occupied the site of current Marée restaurant. A building of angle “art nouveau " signed by the Labro architect rises today with at its ground floor the Tide.

All started with Marcel Trompier in 1963, landlord of the "Champs Elysées" . In the Sixties the style is with the cossu private mansions . The Tide does not escape this trend and avoids woodworks, stained glasses, velvet and tapestries. Astonishing! The kitchen is open, innovative idea 40 years ago, trendy today. An iodized and tonic Air blow in Daru street , Marcel Trompier offers to the gourmets one more beautiful tables of Paris devoted to the sea.


Its love of the wine will make this place very known for its prestigious bottles. Dug and arched, the cellars of the Tide contain and protect a very great selection from wines. His son, Eric Trompier takes again the family affair in 1984. It is equipped with the same enthusiasm and the direction of the reception that his father. In November 2006, the Trompier family sells the restaurant to the Blanc group.

Today Pascal Mousset, in love with the restoration takes again this business, helped by the Chief Yves Mutin and Stéphanie Bennassar for the customers relationship. They want to developp this affair, with the nostalgy of the past. The signature of the cuisine remains marine and moves with the liking of the seasons and savours of the moment. The receipts are declined clearly to be all in transparency. The cellar remains a centre piece of this house. "La Marée" preserves its iodized and tonic air and takes new winds of a new horizon to discover.

Restaurant La Marée
Angle des rues : 258 rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré et 1 rue daru, 75008 PARIS - FRANCE
Métro : Ligne 1 "Etoile" - Ligne 2 "Ternes" - Tel : +33 (0)1 43 80 20 00 - Fax : +33 (0)1 48 88 04 04
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